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About Us

About us

Jessica Carson, the visionary and owner of PizZazzles, has spent the last decade concurrently pursuing professional school and caring for children. First handedly experiencing the introduction of the iPad and other similar devices into childrens’ lives she has witnessed how these gadgets immediately replaced traditional childhood experiences.

Growing up, Jessica remembers running tirelessly outdoors until it was time for dinner; coloring, pasting, drawing, building and loved every second of it. “Kids these days seem to drift toward the screen. Admittedly, they are intriguing. However, I bet if you offer a child a chance to create something they will roll up their sleeves and turn on their imagination switches,” exclaims Jessica.

Her frustration with the limited hands-on creative opportunities for kids inspired her to forgo her pursuits of professional school and begin the PizZaZzles adventure. PizZaZzles offers kid art parties and creativity classes at a location convenient for her clientele. Fully educated, creative, witty and right-minded, Jessica will redefine the industry and help children’s imaginations spark and their creativity resurface.

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